Thursday, 30 April 2009

It was announced in April 2008 that all of the original cast (except Kaya Scodelario and Lisa

Backwell) will be replaced for series 3.The new cast were revealed through online teaser videos on 19 December 2008.
Filming of the third series began on 23 July 2008. It premiered on the 22nd January 2009 at 10:00pm on E4, and the first part of episode one has been available for viewing on the E4 website since 15 January. Trailers began across the Channel 4 family of channels on 2 January 2009, showing the new cast creating havoc in a pub.

Megan Prescott plays a twin called Katie Finch in the 3rd series of skins

Kathryn Prescott plays a twin called emily finch in the 3rd series of skins

Lisa Blackwell plays Pandora Moon in the 3rd series of skins

Ollie Barbieri plays an autistic teen called JJ Jones in the 3rd series of skins

Lily Loveless plays naomi cambell in the 3rd sries of skins

Jack O'Connell plays a teen called James Cook in the 3rd series of skins.

A young female actor called Kaya Scodelario plays a troubled teen called effy in the 3rd series of skins.

This is a actor called Luke Pasqualino who plays a tenager called Freddie
in the 3rd series of skins

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  1. Camera Angles/camera shots

    Low- camera looking up at subject, making it look bigger.
    canted- Camera is title to make subject look slanted.

    High- camera is looking down on subject, making it look smaller.

    worms eye- extreme low angle, camera very low, looking up.

    eye level- camera is pointed directly at subject.

    Birds-eye/aeril- extreme high angle, looking straight down.

    over the shoulder shot- camera shoots over a character should

    point of view- camera shoots from a characters point of view

    XLS-wide shot/established
    LS-Long shot
    MLS-3/4 shot
    MCU-Medium close-up
    BCU-Big close-up
    XCU-Extreme close-up